Be Prepared: Winter Is Coming

Certainly suits my mood & the state of world affairs: Simply a Dawne Thought

So Donny, You Really Wanna Take On Justin?

“We are polite, we are reasonable, but we will not be pushed around.” Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau Canada will ALWAYS fight for DEMOCRACY. Simply a Dawne Thought

Why Be Petty?

Definition:  petty  Making things, events, or actions normal people dismiss as trivial or insignificant into excuses to be upset, uncooperative, childish, or stubborn. A person who habitually overreacts. A person who is purposefully childish… Continue reading

No Words — Simply Tears

Tears because of the cruelty of humans & tears of joy for the wondrous elephants Shirley & Jenny: Simply A Dawne Thought

My Well-Used Dog Bed

Know who sleeps on the dog bed the most? Mollie ? or Lady ? ? ? ? ?

Prettiest Picture wk 13.34

My Pretty Porch This Week My pretty porch — painting has progressed as far as my tippy-toes could reach. Making 2 Gallons of Paint = 3 Colours I LUV my pretty porch.  😀  Really! … Continue reading

Prettiest Picture wk 13.27

My Prettiest Picture This Week This guy saw me watching the two of them playing & nibbling [view from the living room into the side yard leading to neighbour’s front yard]. Did You… Continue reading

Prettiest Picture wk 13.24

My Prettiest Picture This Week View from porch through Green Trees window. Surprise Rhodo My biggest surprise in the garden this year is the blooming of this rhododendron — 1st time in 3… Continue reading

Missing Nana

My Nana provided the caring that my soul craved.  Now, I need her again but she is so very far away that I cannot reach her in this life.  I simply want to… Continue reading

My Mac Gets a Redneck Repair

The wires on my MacBook’s power supply twisted out of contact — requiring a redneck repair! Everyone knows I love Macs — ever since I bought my first one in 1988, I’ve never… Continue reading

We All Need Someone to “Stand By Me”

I always love replaying my favourite version of the old classic, “Stand By Me” — it simply gets better every time. Whether you sing along [like me], play along on your favourite instrument,… Continue reading

Have A Laugh at Life

What is more joyful than a baby’s laugh? A wonderful collection of babies laughing at dogs: ** from ♥     I enjoyed this much-needed giggle today — did you?     ♥ Simply A Dawne Thought

Before Dawn

Up before dawn, the early morning sky is blacker than night — the reflective moon long disappeared. Great changes are happening today — some have already started. The guilt of over 50 years… Continue reading

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you all, … and all the best in the New Year! ♥ Simply A Dawne Thought ~

Wonderful World

YouTube –> David Attenborough “It’s A Wonderful World” One of my all-time favourite songs has gotta be “It’s A Wonderful World” with horns & singing by the great Louis Armstrong.  Nobody can do… Continue reading

Repost: Lashing Out

With the crush of Christmas shopping upon many people, tempers are a little short — long line-ups, busy driving, crappy weather, … time running short.  Last night, I avoided the indoor malls & really… Continue reading

Gift Choosing Always Fun

I always love this time of year — when I start checking gifts off my Christmas List.  When I feel the exquisite joy of Santa — of actually having a unique gift for… Continue reading

Have a Laugh at Life

Simply A Dawne Thought ~

Lovin’ this Re-purposed Jeans-Purse

Discovered this wonderful site at with this great tutorial by funny lady, Kathy, for turning an old pair of jeans into an ultra-cool jean purse. Man, I have a few ‘skinny me’… Continue reading

A Pretty Butterfly Package

There was a package in the mailbox today.  Surprise, surprise, it isn’t one of those freebies I’m always signing up for.  No, this is from my loving sister & there’s a couple felt-pen… Continue reading

Colour Fun

Oh, so much fun with colour around my house lately: Butterfly pillows from Bombay tie my bedroom colour scheme together Dawne Design. I’ve been decorating with colourful flowers & butterflies & fairies & real-life… Continue reading

Dare I Bring Out the Sandals?

Spring has definitely come to the Isle.  She’s just arrived and there can be quite a bite to the wind, but some good signs have started to appear.   Like spring flowers — bright… Continue reading

Words To Remember

Originally posted on By Hook Or By Book:
I know I usually do a Whimsical Wednesday post here, but to be honest, with everything going on right now in Washington, I don’t have…

Leave the Dark Behind

You need to leave the pain behind to survive …  Thanks to Sandy Sue for pointing me to this beautiful song — yes, it’s all about trust. Simply A Dawne Thought

A Special Little Drummer Boy

I have so many favourite Christmas carols but The Little Drummer Boy is right up there at the top.  I found this beautiful version by Pentatonix at Good Time Stories — always love… Continue reading

Special Christmas Song

This little quartet is so special … I love the special change just before the 3:00 min. mark &, of course, the wonderful ending. I hope you enjoyed the song as well.  😉… Continue reading

NO! NO! NO!!!

Angela Lansbury is, was, & will always be Jessica Fletcher. NBC are disrespectful idiots. Jessica, Cabot Cove, & all her friends are Murder, She Wrote. No-one does mystery writing better than Jessica Fletcher… Continue reading

Remember For Peace

Lest We Forget I’ve heard there’s some facebook ‘movement’ afoot to change the red poppy associated with Remembrance Day on November 11th, to a white poppy to symbolize ‘peace’.  These people have forgotten.… Continue reading


Originally posted on Dennis Cardiff:
. . “Judge not lest ye be judged.” We know this, we accept it as reasonable, yet, how often do we judge others? “Why can’t they be like…