Finally got down to some Ps tutorials.  Played with an image of Stonehenge & then made my own rainbow.  I used way less pink & way less lines than the example — it would have taken days to repeat 20 million lines!  I made mine a little fatter to compensate.  I also didn’t like the way my smaller, overlay rainbow group warped when I sent it to the top-right so I sent it down instead — not exactly like theirs but hey, it would be better for reproducing in stained glass to be thicker.  Ah, creativity.

At least I’m now a little more comfortable moving around, changing the colours, using some [keyword: some] of the tools, & some blending options.  Feel better & more motivated to learn more.  Finally checking off items on my ToDo list!

Lonely, as usual, but this is a good time to get work done.  Nothing planned except dinner at my son’s — yeah, get to see my little sweetie.  She’s growing so fast — 4, no 5-1/2 mths old.  Geez, next thing you know my puppy will be 1 yr-old in < 3 mths!  Anyway, gotta remember my camera tomorrow.

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