Windy Storm

Wow, wind blew tree branches everywhere.  Rain slashed in my face — it was cold on my chest without my jacket zipped up.  The dog had a great time — lots to chase around with & crunch until they’re small & then it’s on to the next big branch — huh, more like a mini-tree some of them.

Windy in my brain.  So much whirling around I can’t write it all fast enough.  Still much to do but I didn’t do much work today.  Looked around the net, watched tv, slept, played Sudoku, . . . boring.  At least I got a few groceries so I won’t starve — no vehicle, no Timmies!!  eeek!

Started the Ps tutorial — motivation Stonehenge example.  Did get my domain address registered — now need the $$ to pay host server — still a little confusing but getting there.  Then back to real coding.  Work, work, work –> never-ending.

Dammit,  I need FUN, Fun, Fun!

Simply A Dawne Thought


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