Now what?

Or what now?  Don’t want to clean but want some fun; to laugh.  Woke up late — back to my usual schedule — tried to fix it but only got up early a couple of days.  The dog needs a walk.  My body & hair need a shower.  I have 2 bags of clean laundry that need putting away.  Oh, the pressure.

It’s so cool having this great technology at my fingertips.  From that tiny pic at Gov. St., I zoomed my piece & have been displaying that out-of-focus image.  Since I never liked the glass colours I picked for the original [just scraps from teacher available] I’ve always wanted to redo this with my own choice of glass.  Since I didn’t have the original pattern, I needed to make one.

I used a 13-pt brush to represent the came/copper foil lines & roughly followed the original [made it a bit bigger, added a piece in bottom ‘grass’, & made R sunbeams bigger] to come up with a new pattern.  The lines are so squiggly — looks just like my soldering.  ha ha  Now, got to get all my glass out & see what I want where & what other colours I’ll need to buy.  Next week maybe.  Less than 2 weeks to payday — get a couple more colours then.

Not sure what to do about the workbench.  Want it here not 5 hrs away.  How to explain?  I agree to these things in a moment of weakness & then regret it.  But I’m not taking the chance of losing Pardus.  I know he came here & was fine but . . .  And, I want to see what the summer will bring here.  No sense starting a life somewhere so far away.  Not right now.

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