Okay, I’m off to Calgary — sort of.  Haven’t finished packing — couldn’t find my suitcase & had to borrow one!!!!  God, I need a home [pretty ironic prayer considering my previous entry].  I have my stuff at something like at least three different places [four if you count my car] — my goal this summer is to get a home where I can have ALL my stuff together in one place.

Of course I’m real excited to hear a message from my sister telling me they were hit with a SNOW BLIZZARD this morning & the forecast is mega snow & who knows what that stupid Deerfoot Trail is going to be like at 7 p.m. tonight.  EEEEK!!!  And I’m leaving lovely, sunny Vancouver Island where we don’t even know what snow is in the winter time!!!!  And they wonder why I left home.  All I can say is, EEEEEEK!

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