Cold North Pole

Okay, I really am an Island girl — it is **!!** freezing in this country!  Where?  Calgary, of course.  Wait 10 min. & the weather will change — yup.  Came here from the sunny spring to the frozen winter.  My plane was delayed almost 3 hrs — we finally left after 8 pm. — really messed up my sister picking me up because by the time I landed & got my bag it was after 11 p.m.

But I was one of the lucky ones — the 1 p.m. flight before mine had to wait 7 hrs & then join ours & the usually scheduled 8 p.m. flight was cancelled altogether.  I love Westjet — when we landed the pilot said “Welcome to the North Pole” & believe me it certainly looked like it out that plane window!!!  I don’t like the landing in a plane but I’m not usually afraid — looking at the snow blowing & the semi-cleared runway & bumping like crazy from the wind — yup, I was downright scared!!

My brother was coming in from Toronto the same night but was supposed to have landed a couple of hrs before me — they were delayed too & he didn’t end up landing until after 1 a.m.  At first my sister & I were excited that we’d be able to surprise him but the arrival time kept changing so . . .

But I’m visiting family for a couple of weeks — Mom & Dad’s birthday, Mother’s Day & then back to the Isle for me — probably another 4 or 5 yrs before I come home to this crazy weather again.

I did talk to an old friend & had lots of laughs — he’s almost as crazy as me — just hides under the radar better.  hee hee  Of course I phoned from my cell thinking I was “roaming” & phoning local but no . . . that’s not how it works — I phoned long distance when I’m in the same city!!  Eeek!  And considering that our shortest conversations are maybe an hour & when my battery went dead & I phoned back after putting it on the charger, we still yakked for another 45 min. or so — I’m going to end up with a hefty long distance charge for talking local.  DUH!!  Ah well, it was certainly worth it.

Laughter is certainly the best medicine.

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