Home Again

So very glad to be back on the Isle again — wonderful, wonderful warmth!  Not too cold, not too hot.  It’s amazing to me that I was born, raised & lived in Calgary [or Strathmore] for almost 34 years & survived that stupid weather!!  Of course, many days I definitely thought I might not make it — whether it was freezing in the snowy dark or boiling in the summer sun, I often hated Calgary’s weather.

It was nice to see the old ‘hood — most of it has been nicely kept with quite a few homes replaced with newer & bigger.  I was amazed at the cars around the high school now — my parents’ house is just one street over & up one block — so many & they seemed pretty new for students.  My brother from Toronto had a rental car & drove me around a couple of times.  It was nice to see old streets that I walked many a mile on, & see how nice the older houses on the river & lagoon have weathered the years, & see how some local businesses have grown from the little places they started as, & . . .

At one point I must have sounded nostalgic because my brother asked if I missed it all — no, definitely do not want to come back, it’s just comforting, I think, to see the things that bring fond memories & the positive changes to the neighbourhood.  In all, the trip was quite cleansing for my soul — I feel closure on “family stuff” & look forward to my life here.

I have a lot of choices to make — my home is a top priority but to do something with it [or upgrade] means I need to use my education now & create some income!  Oh boy, starting all over again.  How many times have I done that?  How many lives does one person have?  I’m pretty sure I’m hitting nbr-9 soon!  Am I a lucky feline?  Or a gentle dawg?  How many lives do they get?

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