Motivation Activation

When my to-do list is so long I don’t know where to start [practically always!], I find it hard to ‘kick-start’ myself to simply start tackling any work — then nothing gets done!  That’s when my companion, Lady Daisy May, prods me to get going.

As a black Labrador Retriever, Daisy needs — absolutely has to have — exercise & socialization with other dogs.  One whole year old at the end of June [wow, how quickly time flies], she has quickly become the strongest swimmer at the lake & now the ocean as well!  She never seems to tire out — stick after stick, she’s always raring to go.

Yesterday she was playing with a very large female big boxer-type who wanted to retrieve sticks from the water — of course Daisy out-swam her when it came to the ones far out.  Usually, this other dog didn’t go out that far but one time she decided she was going to swim out there like Daisy & maybe pick up a stick that way.  Her humans were making comments that they didn’t want to have to go out there to help her & I’m getting a little worried that Daisy will tire this poor dog out.

Finally Daisy comes in, so the other dog follows — Daisy’s immediately skipping around me wanting another stick thrown & bam, off she is into the water swimming for another one.  The other dog was having no more of it — a little bit of water up to the ankles & she was heading back to the beach!

My Lean Keen Swimming Machine, hee hee.

And while other dogs are now content to walk quietly back, Daisy’s still running back & forth along the trail — dipping into another part of the lake every now & then.  Energy galore!  It’s infectious — now I’m feeling refreshed — ready to finish all these draft posts sitting here, finish my resume & send it out, get my kitchen cleaned-up, put away my clothes [uh, where?], organize my desk area, go through all those blue boxes, . . .

Oh, my, there I go again — the list is never-ending.  Remember, Baby Steps.  One thing at a time.

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