Night-time Beauty & Danger

There is a wonderful beauty to the country really, really, late at night.  The only light is from the stars above — sometimes the moon — but tonight we have the Perseid Meteor Shower with a New Moon & the stars are everywhere.  I sit in a gorgeous spot surrounded by towering cedars that give me a gently-ruffle-edged circle to gaze at.

But there is a black bear about tonight too — a neighbour saw it at her plum tree.  Earlier, a few dogs were going crazy in the area — Princess was very nervous, making Daisy nervous.  Now just Daisy & I sit in the dark, my laptop the only light except for two candle lanterns I’ve lit.  We heard a small animal die — something larger in the woods, around the creek, making it squeal, . . ., until it grew softer, & then no more.

The hair on Daisy’s neck bristles.  I make some noise.  Will light attract or deter it?  Can it tell that those little ones are fires?  More tromping through the woods & down the creek.  Silence.  A stick breaks.  Silence.  Where is the sounds coming from?  Beside–to the right?  Down & away?  Or up & closer?  There is no way to see into the deepness of the dark night.

Daisy snores now — she’s at ease.  But I hear another branch break on the left — no, now, straight ahead.  Silence.  I think I’ll seek the safety of the trailer & let the night carry on as it will.

Simply A Dawne Thought

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