Ch-ch-ch-changes Again!

Wow, pretty long time since I’ve ‘posted’ anything here — not that I haven’t written anything but it’s all been snippets of thought saved as drafts.  To actually sit down & make proper sentences out of all this seems to need a lot of time . . . but I know if I simply take a baby step now at this paragraph, then maybe the next paragraph, then . . . simply go with the flow.

Obviously, I’ve been busy with other things, hee hee.  Good things.  Wonderful, major changes!  With the RV sold, it was time to find a new place to live — for me, my beautiful 1-yr-old Lab Lady Daisy, & of course, my 7-yr-old master [the cat owns me, not the other way around!], the stoic Pardus — how many moves is this now, you poor guy?  Anyway, not the easiest search — especially when I can’t afford much!

I’d really liked living in rural areas — so much more land without people!!  And the prices are way cheaper than Victoria.  And there’s more likelihood the landlord would allow a pet — two was more questionable but the cat doesn’t usually bother anyone — keeps away the mice, etc.  [But, hee hee, as I was to find out later, not the racoons!]

Okay, too much blah, blah, blah!  Stayed with my son a few days & put more stuff in storage.  Since there was nothing in the online ads that I could afford alone, I asked a friend [with a dog!] from the campground interested in leaving RV-living behind about being room-mates.  So — the biggest hurdle — I emailed a few rural places around $1100-1300 & asked about having two dogs.  I got the expected assortment of answers:  1) sorry, already rented; 2) nope, 1 dog only; & 3) yup, make an appointment.

Then, Saturday morning I saw a new ad for a small mobile home with workshop on 1/2 acre ON WATERFRONT for $700!  Oh man, this is going to go fast — I want to see it!!  I emailed, I phoned, I left a message — I prayed.  Within a couple hours, the landlord called back & described the place — almost like a sales pitch.  Oh, sounds perfect!

Since he said he had just come back from the place in Sooke [east of Victoria] and he lived north of Victoria, I asked if we could see it tomorrow.  When he asked what time, I picked 10 a.m., hoping it was early enough to be first in line but not too early for a Sunday.  Okay, all set.  Holy cow, was I excited or what?

On Sunday morning I could hardly sleep so, by 8:30, we were off to Timmy’s for coffee.  And, after a wonderful 40-min drive along the winding Sooke Road, we pulled into a long driveway overlooking the ocean.  Oh wow!  It’s absolutely beautiful.

We met the husband & wife landlords then walked through the one bedroom & combined kitchen/living room.  It’s pretty much what I expected — the carpets are ugly & old; everything’s a little grimy from the woodstove [but that looks pretty new]; and, the rooms are small [but there ARE rooms, hee hee, & they’re extremely large compared to trailers!].

But some wonderful surprises too — the appliances look great; there’s a huge wall of windows in the living room; a great shower in the large tub; and, the porch is all enclosed with windows of plastic — I could make stained glass windows for some of the spots!

Everywhere is covered with brown wallboard — can I paint?  Yup.  No furniture but lots of plants around — can they stay?  Will find out.  Then, a little discussion & it was ours!  Wow, next thing you know we’re signing the lease & I’m writing out a year’s worth of post-dated cheques!  Yahoo!

Obviously, the house is not perfect.  Nothing this cheap would be.  But I’m not looking for perfect — I’m looking for freedom.  Coming from old trailers, anything with electricity & running water is luxury!  And I care more about the land than the house — Lady needs room to run & I need room to garden, make stained glass windows, enjoy the ocean, decorate, . . .  Oh man, I’m in heaven!

Afterward, ruminating on how fast everything had happened, I realized I had not only learned an important lesson but actually practiced it:  Sincerely believe I will get what I want [or need] and it will happen.

I’d been reading a couple books — “The Secret” & “How To Attract Success” which stressed the importance of banishing negative thoughts for good things to come — & stay.  I had tried to practice positive thinking before but I was a habitual worrier & seemed to attract a lot of bad luck.

This time I went into the experience with a much more positive attitude that I would find a nice place.  I acted decisively — acknowledging my right to get what I needed.  I did not allow negative thoughts to distract me.  I believed.  And it worked!

Believe I deserve it — Believe I can find it — Believe I can overcome any roadblocks — Simply Believe.

Simply A Dawne Thought


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