Creativity Blasts

I am enjoying a blast of creativity — decorating, designing, making my environment beautiful & unique.  Energized, it’s a ball doing a variety of activities:

  • determining colour scheme — blue to match the sea and ivory for the doors & trim, with copper, gold, & black as accent colours & buying paint [lots of fun when the first coat was too green] — got a really cool finish for the walls called ‘Platinum’ which has a little more gloss to it than ‘eggshell’ but not as much as ‘semi-gloss’;
  • painting ceilings, walls [ooh, all those lines in the wallboard!], kitchen cupboards [eek, another hinge I got paint on] — wow, what a difference from all that brown;
  • searching thrift stores & online ads for a few key pieces of used furniture [2 chairs is not cutting it when one of the dogs AND the cat both like to cuddle on them — do they really need their own little couch?  Wooses!]
  • designing furniture AND stained glass panels — so exciting for me — first, rough drawings on paper, then making a scale perspective in Photoshop, then using actual images of my supplies [i.e. glass, fabric, duvet cover — need to add wood & bedskirt], producing a ‘textured’ representation: Next, I’ve produced a rough draft of the glass panel & will produce the pattern in Photoshop [to replace the all-blue glass above].

I’ve been spending lots of time [and $$] in practically all the hardware stores around here — Home Hardware, RONA, Home Depot, Lee Valley — even Walmart [got two great copper-looking, but really plastic, pots at $6.97 ea [+ tax of course — damn that HST — 12% is a lot!] to replant the two huge, 6′ pilodendrons that were only $15 ea at Home Depot!  I love a great bargain — two beautiful, soon to be potted, trees for under $50!

The plants make a huge difference in the living room, acting as curtains until I decide what to do with all those windows.  I’ve been toying around the idea of making Roman Shades but we really don’t need that much coverage — I do want to see the ocean outside.  Besides, there’s really only one smaller window at the side where the neighbours could see in at night — the other windows face the back where it’s only the geese, hee hee.

Lots of work [fun] to do yet — now designing side tables to go with the bed.  And, of course, more stained glass panels.  Oh yeah, first I gotta repot these plants in their fancy self-watering pots.

Keeping up the admin to go with all this fun has been harder.  It feels good to actually start writing this down — been so productive.  And I’m keeping an Excel spreadsheet of everything we do around here including what it costs, colours, where purchased, etc.  But I’ve been a little slack about getting the receipts all together — have to get that up-to-date & make sure I’ve got everything in my chart.

With the weather so wonderful, it’s been great to leave the doors & windows open — the dogs come & go from the house to the porch to watch the world go by [& let me know when they want out, of course].  Pardus likes his ‘cat window’ & sits atop it to watch the silly dogs.  I am everywhere — bedroom, kitchen, living room, porch, & workshop.  Lots of fun, fun, fun!

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