Appreciating Eyesight

Went to the eye doctor for my regular exam — been doing it since I was 5-yrs-old when first started school & they discovered I couldn’t see the blackboard from the first row.  Now, this is probably not a big deal for most people but I’m really quite excited to be getting new glasses.

Last year, when Lady was only a few months old, I discovered she liked to chew eyeglass arms off!  It meant I’ve had to use my old glasses from about 8 yrs ago — big, round things that are definitely out of style, with lenses so scratched it’s impossible to find a clear area.  Worse, I caught Lady just as she started on these glasses so I’ve had a sore ear from the chewed edge!  [Thank goodness she’s out of that puppy-chewing stage now, hee hee.]

Eye health-wise, there’s nothing new — no sign of glaucoma or macular degeneration or the already-diagnosed cataracts — except my usual -8.25 & -8.0 near-sighted vision has improved to –7.5 & -7.25.  For those without the need for glasses, those numbers are fairly high but with bifocals & thick lenses almost correctable.

[This example from Wikipedia shows the standard eyechart as seen by someone with excellent vision; then at 1D what some who needs a correction of -1.0 sees; then 2D represents -2.0; and 3D = -3.0.  Wow, I’m more than 4 levels away from that!  Never have been able to read that big E.]

I can’t remember my eyes ever improving at an exam before — the doctor said it was a benefit of aging with our eyes ‘settling in’ vision-wise.  Another benefit I have to look forward to is the surgery needed to correct the cataracts [although not for many years yet] — a quick, 10-min. lens implant that not only corrects the cataracts but also would significantly improve my vision so I might not even need glasses.  Ha, I’ll believe it when I can see it!  [Pun intended, hee hee.]

Anyway, too much blah, blah, blah.  New glasses! I’ll be able to see!  I’m sure there’s a whole world I’ve been missing.  Like mega signs I can’t read until I’m right next to them.  Maybe I’ll be able to differentiate what’s gliding over the water — a goose or an eagle.  Probably won’t be able to see my black Lab in the black of the night [no street lamps near our yard–yeah]  but she’s a little scared in the dark so she doesn’t go far anyway.

And, extra bonus, my health plan actually covered almost all of it — usually, even with a cheaper frame, I have to put in extra dollars [$200 for my last pair].  Perusing the prices of frames, knowing my plan only covered $90, I was a little freaked that the cheapest frames were $150 — at least $60 I’d have to put in before even getting lenses — eek!

But then I saw a pair on sale for 50% off $185 & my plan approved thinner lenses & anti-glare covering, so after tallying up everything, it was only a difference of $2.50.  Super great!  New glasses that didn’t cost a fortune with cool burgundy frames & smaller, more rectangular lenses — might actually be in style for a few months, hee hee.

So, in 7-10 days [just in time for my birthday], my beautiful, new, burgundy eyeglasses will be in & you can bet, as soon as I get the phone call, I’ll be zooming in to pick them up.  It’s taken a lot of baby steps to get to this giant leap & yes, I’m very excited.  How many sleeps are left?

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