Geese View

Ah, a beautiful morning — waking up to the geese out on the water.  My bed frame is finished & I’m up about 2 feet higher than before.  Now, sitting in bed, I can see directly out to the back.

Of course, it’s a beautiful medieval bed!  Strong 4″x4″ posts [6′ at the head & 4′ at the foot] on an equally strong base with enough room underneath to put roll-out containers for clothes.  The gorgeous stained glass caps [actually for outdoor fencing] perfectly match my colour scheme & have a geometric design á la Frank Lloyd Wright [my favourite designer & architect].  Yes, the bed is big & takes up just about the whole room, but it is the main focal point.

Found the caps at Home Depot when we went looking for decorative wooden caps — usually about $5 — but as soon as I saw these, I was hooked — at $15 each!  Together, the four of them cost more than the wood.  There were two other designs to choose from — purple [ugh!] with small blue flowers with pretty iron tendrils or orange/yellow/pink [another ugh!] huge flowers.  But, these have the gold from my duvet & the blue from the walls — besides having a great design.  [Why does everybody do flowers in stained glass?]

The next step now is to make a headboard with some beautiful yellow brocade fabric I have — just need to get some padding.  Then, to make a glass panel for the headboard.  I’m designing it to be a similar pattern as the post caps.  I was thinking of putting a smaller glass panel in the footboard but now that the bed is up, it might make it too crowded — we’ll see.

In the meantime, my room-mate is making two matching side tables which I am putting a glass top on.  Lots more fun to come.

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