A Little Snow in Paradise

Oooh, we have a sprinkling of snow on the trees & ground!  Lady was quite interested in this new development.  She thinks it’s great to have new stuff to run around in — but a bit slippery.

The whole isle got hit Friday night but, as usual, it had melted by morning.  But leaving our green patch to go into Victoria on Saturday was amusing — just a few miles out, plant life carried a light brushing of white while areas further from the sea got dumped with inches of cold covering.

Of course people were complaining about the cold [there was a bit of a wind] but this ole prairie girl was quite fine — just had to think of my family in Calgary with tons of snow in the -20° C zone — eek!

Maybe a little fire in the wood stove would be in order this evening — not the little ‘fake-fire’ electric heater that I usually turn on for a short time to take away the chill.  Used only twice in the past two mths, the wood stove heats this whole place for the entire night with just two small logs.  Perfect Paradise.

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