Fancy Organizing

🙂  Beautiful stained glass tops raise these simple tables to super-special.  🙂

I’m sure most of us function better when we’re organized but I absolutely need to have a place, or box, or basket, or . . . whatever, for absolutely everything!

Both my bedside tables are finished so I’ve been organizing lots of stuff that just didn’t have a home before.

The tables are super-perfect!  My specs raised them from the normally low ‘night table’ to about 3 ft. — so the glass table tops are up beside my elbow when I’m sitting in bed.  Super-perfect!

I haven’t had a real night table for over 10 yrs — sometimes used the top & 1st drawer of one of my little plastic storage ‘dressers’ but then never had enough room for all my clothes.

🙂  I really am pleased with my medieval bed furniture.  It’s certainly not finished like you’d buy in the store — but I like it better because it’s original.  Next, the padded board & glass panel.  🙂

Inspired by the neat bedside & with the closet shelf finally wiped of piles of clean clothes [now in laundry baskets under the bed], I organized that with lots of decorative storage boxes.  [Yeah, some of them contain ‘filing’ but I’ll get to it someday . . .]

Notice the bow in the clothes rod?  That’s the 2nd-next project –> a skinny row of shelves to prop up the middle.

My next project is a leaded came window panel through a course at Glass-Smith & Co., here in Victoria on Monday & Wednesday.  This will be lots of fun — my creativity radar is buzzing.

Creating is so exciting — the design process is fun but can be tedious making picky, little revisions.  Finally, though, I’m pretty sure it’ll work & I’m happy with the look.  Now, the excitement starts to rise.

Actually constructing my project from the design can be a challenge & changes may have to happen.  But once the project is completed, I get to experience the exciting pride of having made something beautiful. And that provides more incentive to finish the next project — like the rest of my headboard.

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