How I Like My Snow

Hee hee — see the flakes of snow on your screen?  That’s exactly how I like my snow — away from my home, hee hee!  And it’s controllable — change the direction of the flakes with your cursor — now that’s my kind of snow.

Grew up in Calgary, sandwiched between the snowy mountains of the Rockies & the frozen fields of the prairies, so I really love living on the west coast where we seldom see snow or temperatures below freezing.

I’ll enjoy my weather here:

  • going out with just a sweater,
  • playing fetch with Lady in the ocean,
  • driving with my windows half-down [& always one or two down for the dogs!],
  • working in my garage workshop without heat [yup, my fingers get a bit cold at night but certainly not frozen],
  • NO boots, scarfs, mittens, or toques needed!

Yup, I like snow this way.

Simply A Dawne Thought