Lashing Out

When you’ve been hurt by someone, do you feel angry & want to spew ugly words at them?  I’ve done that in my life — & I regret pretty-well every time!

Many, many times the other person didn’t even realize they’d said anything to hurt & certainly did not intend to inflict any pain.  Maybe the comment touched a raw nerve, or even, ha ha, the truth!!  Or I felt misunderstood, or ambushed, or a myriad of other human emotions that had nothing to do with the person or subject at hand.

I used to have [well, still do a little, hee hee] a volcano-like temper — I let lots of things build up inside until I can no longer hold all the anger & then it explodes!  Once all is calm, the mask is replaced & tons of hurt is jokingly brushed aside until the next volcanic eruption.

But with time comes wisdom [well hopefully to most of us!].  Hurtful words can never make a situation better & time itself is a healer.  Now I try to think, write, digest, analyze, . . . anything other than lashing back with words that are forever out there.

Lots of times I think of good ole Fred Flintstone with his quick temper — trying to count to 10 before exploding.  Did he ever make it?  Well, thank goodness, I have — even to count to 100 — or 1,000 — or 1,000,000 — if need be, hee hee.

Simply A Dawne Thought