Glass Projects Up, Up & Away

It was quite exciting to have my window installed in the new closet shelving unit.  I really like how the closet looks now — no longer think it needs ‘proper’ doors.  But hmm, how am I going to hide the side that looks like the craziest cat in the world lived here?

The cupboard door covers the closet rod as intended & connects the turquoise [not quite my blue but didn’t want the ugly green, nor the prissy pink or purple, nor the dull black or brown] Martha Stewart Living™ fabric cubes from Home Depot with the colour scheme.

It was dark outside by the time we had it installed [like 6 p.m.] — I lit a tealight, put it inside, & turned off the lights.  So cool.  This is why I love stained class.  It’s so new & different depending on how the light hits it.  Yet it seems ageless.

My hobby ‘carpenter’ had problems using the $2 & something per foot grooved molding — ah ha, that’s why the pros use a ‘mitre saw’!!  We did end up with a nice picture frame — it’s simply a little too narrow for the intended spot & covers half the edging of the window.

So we retreated to a simpler frame made of 1″x2″s — again, a lack of tools [is Santa thinking router this year?] meant we couldn’t put a proper groove in the lumber & because I wanted to see the lead sides [all 3/16″ of them] we installed the glass on the outside — not quite the prettiest method!

It seemed a fitting end to a busy day — I’d been into Victoria to buy supplies to start my bed panel project.  And another great learning experience at Glass-Smith — this time about iridescent glass & lead came widths.

The only thing I forgot was horseshoe nails [yup, that’s what we use to keep the lead in place as we assemble the glass pieces] & oh yeah, my bank debit card — EEK!

Thank goodness they had a phone number for me from the course — it was my old cell without a message system but at least I heard it ringing & recognized the number.  [I’m sure I would have figured out sooner or later where I’d left my card — when I discovered it was missing!]

So, another trip to the glass shop — must resist temptation.  I should be okay — I’ve got glass, a couple new ‘tools of the trade’, & lots of pieces to cut for my next project.  At $8 for the lead dykes & $24 for the large square, the tools were cheaper than I thought they’d be.

I’m real excited to have a proper ruler for measuring & cutting — it’s got a groove along the bottom edge to hold it against the glass.  So, one project completed & another one ready to start — up, up, & away.

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