Practice for New Year’s Resolutions

I’m very much a list person but I don’t make a list of my New Year resolutions.  I used to — but found January 1st would roll around & I wasn’t prepared to exercise at the gym, quit smoking, or whatever else would be included that year.

By the time it was February, my mind had shuffled all those resolutions off to the next new year’s list.  For many, many years, the same items were on my yearly list.  And each year, the guilt would pile higher — helping me feel worse.

One year I moved all those resolutions to a ‘personal goals’ list — that I work on all-year-long.  With no set deadline, the pressure is off to change a behaviour ‘cold-turkey’.  Slowly, I make mindset changes to prepare for the lifestyle changes.

Then, again slowly, behavioural changes are implemented that change my lifestyle — permanently.  I also relaxed stringent expectations of myself — it’s okay if I don’t go to a gym to exercise as long as I walk & play with my dog daily.

And I changed any negatively worded goals [i.e. quit smoking] to a more positive outlook [i.e. adopt healthy habits instead of smoking].  Then the focus is not on me suffering or losing something but that of gaining something good.

Now, I take time in December to analyze my progress — change priorities if necessary.  It’s a little BP [be prepared — Baden-Powell Scout/Guide motto] time for the new year instead of making a list.

It’s a time to ask myself:  How did I do this year?  Am I happy?  😛  What will I focus on during the next year?  What can I accomplish?  Is there something I’d like to do more often?

It’s a time to start a new goal [or resolution if you still want to be hard-nosed about it] so the first day of the new year starts on a high note — not berating myself for not changing that very day.

It’s a time to enjoy being alive.  🙂  To appreciate the rich life I enjoy — my freedom.  To have fun with the soulful animals I share this earth with.

It’s a time to check that I’m a ‘good’ person & am continually learning to be better.  To remember that little babe in the manger & how our whole world changed.

It’s a time to enjoy my larger-every-year family — especially my wondrous grandchildren — near or far.  To visit with 2 sons & beautiful 1-yr-old grand-daughter here in Victoria — to have a special talk with my eldest son & grandson in Vanderhoof.  To connect by voice instead of email with parents, 5 siblings, mega neices/nephews, & more mega grand-nieces/nephews in Calgary, Strathmore, & Toronto.

To do it.  Every day.  Now — not wait for January 1, 2011 [oooooh, the numbers are so cool this year — 20110101 — almost binary, hee hee:-)] to come along [almost a week now!].

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