Beautiful Start to 2011

 After a few days of -2° C [~ 28° F], it seemed soooo cold outside!  But today we’re 3°C [~ 37°F] & the sun is shining brightly — the reflection off the water hurts my eyes, hee hee.  A beautiful day to enjoy with Lady Daisy May at the ocean.

A beautiful day to pick out more glass for my newly-revised closet project — except they’re closed for the holidays.  Hmmm, it’s still a beautiful day for a trip to Victoria — I could visit my grand-daughter.

Why am I looking for an excuse?  A trip in would mean a stop at Tim Horton’s along the way.  Yeah!  That’s really what I want but a 45 min. trip [one-way] to get a coffee just doesn’t cut it.

I miss Timmy’s here in Sooke.  We have McDonald’s & A&W & of course, lots of little coffee cafés — but really, nothing compares to a Tim’s coffee.  Of course, they also have tons of doughnuts but I usually have an ‘old-fashioned plain‘ because all the rest have way too much sugar for me — although sometimes I do like those jam-filled ones.

Sometimes I’ll get a box of the little Timbits — then I get a few sugar-jam type & the rest plain.  Of course, I have to share the plain ones with Lady — she grew up getting little treats at the Timmy’s drive-thru window!

So, Lady, let’s get you out of the house & go enjoy the day before the rain comes back.

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