Talking Dogs

My black Labrador, Lady Daisy May, is usually quite a quiet dog EXCEPT when I leave her alone — then she has major separation anxiety.  She often tries to reinstitute her puppy habit of barking whenever I left her in the van while I was in university classes.

Conversely, my roommate’s dog, Mollie, is very talkative — not simply barking but various tones of woo-woo-woos that form brief sentences — to be sure we understand what it is she is saying.  It often sounds like I’m getting a sharp tongue-wagging for whatever it was that silly puppy of mine did to her.

Now Lady has learned to talk back to Mollie & tries to communicate with me.  She started out with what sounded like a strangled howl but worked her way to her own little woo-woo sentence.  When the two of them get to wrestling in the house, it can become quite vocal.

Lately, Lady has been using her talking howl when we go through a drive-thru at either Tim Horton’s or McDonald’s.  It seems if the food doesn’t come right away, she plops her front paws over the seat & lets out a rather long sentence to complain about the speed.

Okay, okay, it was kinda cute the first couple times when the food arrived quickly — she stops as soon as the brown paper bag is in the front seat.  But today it took a few minutes to get our food at McDonald’s & Lady howled out quite a few sentences.

Not so cute anymore.

It reminds me of when my sons were younger & one of them would invariably do or say something that was quite funny but not ‘proper behaviour’ for a young boy.  I would try so hard to hide my grin & pull my mother act on them — sometimes it worked; most times it didn’t.

But I learned early that young ones need to have the bad behaviours corrected before they become ingrained personality characteristics.

So, Lady, I’m sorry but you cannot mouth-off our servers at the drive-thru — you & I will be working on your ‘quiet voice’ now.

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