Cool Lights for Dog & Bed

Got some very cool lights from overseas — a small order that took a good month to get here.  But it was certainly well worth the wait!

The type for my stained glass bed posts are battery-operated tea lights that are motion-activated & change colours.  It’s quite mesmerizing–and calming–to watch them in the dark.  [Unfortunately, not so easy to get good photographs!]

We’d looked at similar tea lights that wouldn’t work since they had a little switch to turn them off & on — that would mean lifting up the cap each time!  These ones work great because I can just lightly ‘bang’ the post & the light turns on or off.

Isn’t it amazing what technology continues to come up with?  Luv it!

The lights for the dogs are extremely helpful — it’s kinda hard to find black dogs without light.  These little lights are on a little clip that attaches to the dog’s collar [or keychain, or cell phone or purse or . . .].  When you turn the little battery container, the light flashes blue, red, & white [just like the police lights!!].

🙂 Now, it is so easy to see Lady in the dark [outside above & in darkened kitchen left].

Well, when she turns her back, I have to keep an eye on the ground to see the slight flashing reflected below — but I can still tell where she is.

Over time, I’ll find out how long these tiny batteries will last for each type — I definitely will be ordering lots of those in my next shipment!!

I can’t decide which type of fancy light I’m most pleased with — the bed ones are purely cosmetic beauty while the flashing ones are definitely useful for finding black dogs in the black of night.  So, so cool.

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