🙂 As I work on more creative acts, I get more inspired.  Then I can ‘play‘ on Photoshop for hours — experimenting with different effects, colours, placement, etc.

And the greatest thing about working with layers is I can pick & choose which layers will show or not.  The above image actually started out as the background for an art assignment last year.

I deleted a few layers & added a ton more — mega grass growth!  Hmmm, it definitely needs some [or mega some, hee hee] pretty butterflies.  Maybe even a bird or something, . . .

I’ve missed a few days here but it was too nice to spend all day on the computer — played outside with Lady, made a couple trips to Victoria to visit my grand-daughter & get groceries, finished cutting the last two pieces of glass for my closet, and have been working on starting-up my new site Stained Glass ‘n Stuff.

That’s what actually started me on making the above image — an index page for my domain name that links with all my websites.  I started out at with a couple freebie sites for writing & other creative acts.

Now, my business needs it’s own website.  I’m using the same basic software but download from onto my site’s server [not free].  There’s a bit more work involved but a lot more flexibility with themes, format, etc. more than makes up for it.

So, I created a pretty menu [or index page] that would link to each of my sites — writing, design, and, my favourite of all, stained glass.

Please check out my new index page to my current websites at –>

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