Personal Design in Accessories

With the walls painted [except the bathroom & that section behind the wood stove awaiting a colour decision], some furniture built, & the kitchen cabinets almost finished, I’ve been unpacking more ‘stuff’.

Crazy for storage boxes, they’ve stored absolutely everything I’ve collected since my last major purge.  Of course, there’s probably a ton of paper — filing for bills, university notes, old history, notebooks, journals, etc.

Now I’ve been finding stuff they’ve also stored that seemingly has no useful purpose — other than being decorative.  But I can’t part with most of this — it holds a lot of sentimental value.  Like the musical clown/dolls spread around my room that were birthday, Christmas, & Mother’s Day presents from my sons — even though some of them are broken.

🙂 Like the cool dragon candle Mom & Dad got me from a medieval joust in London, England.  Like the cute flower my youngest son gave me — just a little present out of the blue.  Like the last two pieces of a real crystal set from my first marriage [eek, 36 years ago!].  Like the gorgeous black ceramic woman & dish set I got to celebrate my divorce!

All this stuff decorates my room & I feel comfortable, loved, strong, & stable.  Some of it simply collects dust.  Some of it has new uses — the crystal sugar bowl holds my favourite cinnamon hearts & the crystal tumbler [with a teeny chip on the rim] holds pens with the wire stem of the cheerful flower hidden in there.

These items all define me — my love of colour, of glass & wood, of artists like Van Gogh & Monet, of storage boxes, of books, & of all things medieval.  That is what design is all about — to creatively express myself in my everyday world.

Simply A Dawne Thought