Keeping Main Goal in View

Often so busy with small projects, I sometimes find I’ve let the big ones slide the wayside.  And I’ll just as often let these little details interrupt my progress on a big project — glass I got a month ago is still waiting for me to do something with it.

[ 🙂  At this point in writing, I originally launched into an unnecessary summary of projects I’ve done since moving here & a quite lengthy list of what I’ve left waiting for completion.  To get back to the point of this diatribe, I’m moving all that to a different topic on Dawne Design.  🙂 ]

Suffice it to say I’ve been doing more painting than working on my preferred glass projects.  I’ve, almost unbelievably, finished the painting in the kitchen, so I can push aside the guilt of other unfinished painting jobs to get back to what I want to do — two glass panels for my bed’s headboard.

One benefit of diverting to a smaller project, like the simple glass cutting of the closet doors, is any potential problems with equipment, supplies, method, or design can be worked out.  Even with the small propane heater, I discovered it’s still too cold in the garage for optimum glass cutting — well, although it’s 9° C & not much rain, it is still winter.

Thus the move of the glass cutting part of the operation into the house.  My little wooden drafting table is not sturdy or big enough to do the whole job so I moved it to the opposite wall beside the kitchen table to use that for cutting.  [Since I don’t have any chairs yet, nobody sits at the table & it’s simply become my microwave & tea-making spot.]

I am more enthused now.  My glass will soon be closer to me.  Simply seeing it, preparing a place to work with it, & cropping photos of each piece of it, inspires me more.

With those gorgeous colours shining inside–nice & warm–I won’t be able to resist cutting it, hee hee.  Each sheet of glass will become precisely-measured, but still uninteresting, shapes on their own.  But each piece of each colour will work together to form a beautiful whole.

So, I’m back on the glass track.  Time to stop the dreaming & start the production.

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