Kind Words Encourage

🙂  A few kind words from my favourite sister encouraged me today.  I’m a little amazed at how much.

She wrote them in an email after she’d seen the pics of my glass/wood closet units, bed frame, & side tables.  She said she really liked the pics & the video on Stained Glass ‘n Stuff.  And she said my room was nicer than she thought.  Then a simple one-liner:

Great job!!!

Now, since this is coming from baby sis–a serious ‘Suzy Homemaker’–I consider this a really high compliment.  My sister has always made her abode a nicer home than I.  She’s always kept her house cleaner.  She’s always baked more.  She’s always expressed her creativity in sewing, painting, gardening — beautifying.  I could go on . . .

Her words cheered me up on a day that’s a little slow in starting up.  A day when I simply needed a little boost.  I didn’t do much today but I did get my desk area set up — because of a few kind words.

🙂 Thanks, sis — I can always count on you.

Simply A Dawne Thought


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