Stencil Artiste?

Well, I tried some decorative stenciling.  I used to love using stencils to make letters when a kid.  Hmm, this was not exactly so easy.  This might mean a change in plans about stenciling on the bed posts — or a major postponement.

To practice, I had prepared an old pencil box by putting on two coats of black satin deco-paint from Michaels.  I got out my brand new stencil with a sun, moon, clouds, & different-sized stars — yup, here’s the perfect spot for the sun.

The sun is yellow so that’s what I started with — happily making sure I covered all the spots in the stencil with lots of the bright enamel paint.  Then, carefully untaping & lifting the stencil from the box, . . . eek, it’s blobby everywhere!  Waaaay too much paint.  I quickly wiped it [well, most of it] off the top of the box.  Thank goodness I was prepared with a wet cloth.

Okay, well maybe I’ll go straight to the metallic copper paint I was going to use for highlighting.  Another go, & . . . oh no, the eyes are even worse than with the yellow!  I try to wipe it off but guess what?  This paint dries almost instantly!!!  Double eek.

Now, I’m a little peeved.  Come on, stencils are easy!  It’s the artsy shading part I was worried about — I won’t get to that if I don’t get the main image clear.  So, I turn the box over & decide I’ll put the moon on it in blue enamel with a ‘shooting’ star in metallic silver.

This time, I use way less paint & am a lot more careful with the brush at the edges.  Hmm, the edges are still not clearly defined but at least I don’t have blobs of paint along them.  Gee, too bad this wasn’t the top.

I had some butterfly & star foam stickers to put on the box — thought I’d have lots for other projects but hah.  First, I tried covering up the worst eye in the sun, then it turned into a ‘cloud’ of butterflies — which meant the stars had to be equally represented.

The result is definitely not the work of an ‘artiste’ — not my forté yet.  The big question now is, should I paint a few stars inside?  Well, perfection only comes with practice.

🙂 I did better on the sliders in the bathroom cabinet — simply had to cover an ugly spot that’s been bugging me.  It’s really good incentive to paint the rest of it.  And to get a thinner paint brush!

So, maybe I’m not ready to stencil vines or animals or celestial shapes on my bed posts.  I’ll practice a lot more before I attempt that!

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