Mental Health Day

🙂  Every once in awhile everybody needs to take a mental health day.  A day when you do not worry about work.  A day to refresh yourself — to refuel.  A day to clear the clouds away.

Simply take a day & do a couple [or more] things to make yourself happy to be alive.  Something that you really enjoy.  Maybe something you don’t usually have time for.

You might also help someone else — Lady would be very pleased if I took her for an extra long walk today.  She needs to socialize with other dogs — I don’t think I quite cut it.

And I need to simply be by the ocean.  To dip my feet in.  To explore the sand & maybe find some pretty shells or stones.

So, we’re off to enjoy the sun before it sinks away.  🙂 🙂

Simply A Dawne Thought