Monthly Archive: February, 2011

Grab A Dance

😎 I think my most favourite activity is to dance — to any great music with a beat. 😎 Of course, as far as I’m concerned that’s good ole rock ‘n roll from… Continue reading

ChristChurch Multiple Cathedrals Damaged

** Please note:  This contains corrected information on Feb. 24th ChristChurch Triple Tragedy concerning the ChristChurch Anglican Cathedral & the ChristChurch Catholic Cathedral. There are many churches in ChristChurch, New Zealand, that have… Continue reading

Another Snow Day Oh My

It’s hard to believe that we’ve had snow on the ground for four days now.  This is paradise – it’s supposed to be above 0° & maybe dropping some raindrops — but definitely… Continue reading

Draft Plans Everywhere

With the entertainment centre complete & me in dire need of shelves for books, the next piece of furniture is a bookcase.  Now, I was simply thinking a 3 ft. wide by 7… Continue reading

ChristChurch Triple Tragedy

** Please note:  The image above is of the ChristChurch Catholic Cathedral — more info Feb. 27th.  The images & story below are of the ChristChurch Anglican Cathedral. Just before 1 p.m. on… Continue reading

Woohoo — Second Snow of Season

Lady, the acrobat, tries to catch snowballs. Shock.  I thought I was seeing things when I looked at the front window this morning.  It’s all white outside — everywhere.  I checked out the… Continue reading

Music Has Home

For the first time in over two years, all my music — stereo, CDs, LP & 45 records — is in one place & with me. The bottom cabinet in the entertainment centre… Continue reading

Flash Eyes

I have taken mega photos of my favourite companions — dog Lady Daisy May & cat Pardus — with almost all of the face-on shots resulting in them having bright yellow eyes.  Kinda… Continue reading

Nana Has It Good

My grand-daughter is a sweet 16 months old! With 3 grandsons [12-14 yrs old] who live 1,000 km [over 600 miles] away, I haven’t seen much of my eldest son‘s children.  But my… Continue reading

First Book from U.S. Arrives

It’s been almost a month since I ordered some stained glass books from the U.S.A. — Kansas City, Missouri.  I received the email when they were shipped so I knew they were on… Continue reading

Zipping Along With Colour

With the frames ready for the entertainment centre, I could measure & cut the glass for the doors.  I simply love this soft blue with accent colours of dark blue & a little… Continue reading

My Nemesis — the To Do List

I cannot remember a time when I didn’t have a never-ending To Do list.  Really!  😀 Have you ever thought about the tons of stuff we do just to live?  Of course, most… Continue reading

Antarctic Whaling to Stop

I read Earth Watch, by BBC environment correspondent Richard Black, with great relief today — Japan is pulling their whaling ships from the Antarctic. Yeah, maybe this could lead to a permanent ban… Continue reading

What’s a Lurker?

From what I’ve been able to figure out, a lurker is someone who visits sites, reads them, then leaves without commenting. Doesn’t that make all of us a lurker at one time or… Continue reading

Reorg, Reorg, Reorg . . .

Lots of reorganizing & little jobs got done this weekend — but not too many big ones [you know — dishes, vacuuming, laundry — simply the basics of life 😉 ].  Still, it’s… Continue reading

Expressing Graphic Smileys

s a ‘graphic writer‘, I love playing with type, colour, images, etc.  Up until now, the only smiley faces I knew how to create were the regular guy 🙂 using the colon [:]… Continue reading

One Step Forward, Two Back

🙂 My voice is back — almost.  Later in the day I was back to a bit of a croak.  And, though I thought I’d never say this, it felt good to be… Continue reading

Comfort in the Night

I feel a special comfort in the dark of the night.  The noise of the day is gone — the traffic, the people, the geese out on the water, even my pup has… Continue reading

Books Forever

🙂 There’s nothing like a shopping spree in a used book store!  And Russell Books in Victoria is terrific because you can also get new books for great discount prices. My spree netted… Continue reading

How About Mental Health Week?

Fighting my own winter depression, I’m not sure if I want to celebrate or even recognize Mental Health Day Feb 9th.  Maybe those of us suffering need a whole week. Yes, I need… Continue reading

Where Can Big Horses Go?

🙂  I have this large oil painting & no place to put it.  I’ve leaned it against the wall for now but would like to use it more creatively than that. The horses… Continue reading

Music Soothes

Down & out with a cold, it is so very nice to have a stereo again.  Music fills the air — without the disruptive voice of a human selling stuff or announcing speed-traps.… Continue reading

Glass Beauty Addictive

🙂  In the midst of organizing my glass workshop, I gather the beautiful sheets closer to me.  It’s too cold in the garage for their delicate nature — they are hard & brittle… Continue reading

Big Screen Disruption

. . I lied.  I said I’d never have a big screen tv.  Well really, I still don’t.  But my room-mate, who happens to share the same living room as I, is a… Continue reading

Site Hi — Daily Drop Cap

Let me introduce you to a wonderful site — Daily Drop Cap — where, every day or so, Jessica Hische puts up a really cool graphic representation of a letter, or two, of… Continue reading