$ Store Great Uplifter

I absolutely love all the stuff in a $ Store [Dollar Store].  Sometimes it can take an extraordinarily long time for me to get around their packed shelves — & that’s just 3 or 4 aisles.

I understand $ stores — they’re pack rats, like me!  That’s why I’m in continual need of more storage options.

Most stores charge about $7-12 for a medium-sized decorative storage box or basket [i.e. wicker or cardboard] — a large one can be $20, or more.  These fabric weave with wire frame, silver-blue beauties only cost $3 at my local $ store.

As soon as I saw them, I had to have them for my desk — yes, it is a serious addiction.  I splurged & got all four that they had in this colour.  They also had a dark blue & a nice red but I only had so many $$.  These 4 cost $12 + tax.  They’re 8″ sq. & 3½” tall.

And almost as soon as I was home, I started re-arranging — moved two of the turquoise plastic boxes from my desk to the bathroom & kept one for paint supplies.

I dreamed all night long about the rich red ones still in the store.  In one of my accent colours, they’d be perfect for my bedside table.  Also the dark blue would go nice with the silver blue ones in the living room.

So, the next day, I scrounged lots of change [twonies & loonies add up!] & went back for the 3 red & 4 dark blue that they had left.  After that, the only colours left were a few beige, two brown, & one lime green.  Ugh.

Now, I’ve switched things around & am quite happy with the results.  The red fabric softens the rough wood but ties-in with the red glass of the table.

The dark blue ones equally soften the blue glass table, & I actually talked my room-mate into using one for all those little things on his desk in a corner of the living room.  The other two will work perfect in the new tv/bookcase units that should be ready in a couple days.

Can’t wait!

Simply A Dawne Thought


One comment

  1. That’s sounds so Great!
    I like the darker blue, hey they might work great in the laundry area or the closet for stuff.

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