Big Screen Disruption



I lied.  I said I’d never have a big screen tv.  Well really, I still don’t.  But my room-mate, who happens to share the same living room as I, is a guy — & guys like big screens.

So, okay, I could see how he’d want to exchange his older, although still quite fine, bulkier television for a new flat screen.  And yeah, I could see how excited he was when he realized he could afford an even bigger tv with HD — extra special High Definition for us tv neanderthals.

And another yeah, it was pretty cool when he hooked his laptop up so he had two screens playing online television favourites.  And, ha ha, yeah if he sticks another one in the corner, I’d feel like I was in a bar!

Now, all this week, he’s been building the television stand — another project that has morphed from a simple cabinet for the tv, & associated junk, to a major entertainment centre.  Great, I thought, room for some of my books still looking for homes.

Sure, there’s lots of shelves but now all three top shelves have black flat screens — when he gets a special ‘splitter’ cable, the right monitor will also light up.  Oh yeah — how could I have lived without this experience?  [Actually, quite nicely, thanks.]

Most of the shelves will be left open — my fairly-large record player will go in when I retrieve it from my son but my grand-daughter likes his old records so, . . .

🙂 We will be putting one set of doors on the large space in the middle unit.

I picked up some glass Thursday — this pretty blue will be framed in 1″x2″ spruce for the two doors.

I eagerly await the frames so I can cut the glass to fit.

Well, I’m sure glad I don’t watch much tv — although this bigger screen does bring a new experience.  This setup will be playing iTunes most of the day & its graphics player looks the best with multiple screens.

So, this huge entertainment centre is going to have a lot more technology on its shelves than I thought it would — but I did manage to get two shelves filled with my books.

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