Glass Beauty Addictive

🙂  In the midst of organizing my glass workshop, I gather the beautiful sheets closer to me.  It’s too cold in the garage for their delicate nature — they are hard & brittle so they don’t break nicely along my score line.

Thus a change in plans — I am moving the glass inside the house for cutting.  I really don’t mind because now I see it more often.  And then, I can understand each sheet better — see interesting areas to focus on for individual pieces to come.

I simply couldn’t resist — I picked up the lovely blue beauty above simply because I liked it on my latest trip to Glass-Smith & Co.  I’d actually gone to pick up this light blue [right] for the cabinet doors on the entertainment centre.  It reminds me of the ocean’s flowing waves & the sunlight trying to reach its dark depth.

Since I’m preparing to cut my headboard panels, I know I’ll be starting with the sky.  I’ve brought my other blues & this irridescent white & clear [left] also in the house.

But now it’s starting to add up to a few sheets of glass — with a couple smaller pieces thrown in to complicate matters.

In the house, I don’t have a nice holder for these sheets like out in the garage.  Temporarily, with cardboard in between, they’re leaning against the hardly-used front door beside my desk — definitely not the prettiest of solutions.

I’m afraid the dogs will bang or knock them if I don’t hide them away a little bit.  But where?  This seems the best for now.

I’m hoping to pick up a cutting grid system today, then can remove the tablecloth & start cutting on the kitchen wood table tonight.  The grid system has little pockets that catch glass chips that are a factor of life when cutting glass.  Since I have dogs & a cat, I definitely don’t want any chips in their paws!

Once I’ve cut a few pieces, the sheets will be smaller.  I have a few cardboard boxes for these & plastic organizers to help with even smaller pieces.  Then I can bring in the other colours I’m itching to be near — like the gorgeous red with yellow streaks [left] & the yellow with white & a touch of green [right].

Yes, it is an addiction.  I caress the glass when I pick it out.  I caress it when I get it home.  I caress the sheet as it’s changed forever into much smaller pieces.  I caress each piece as it joins others.  I caress the beautiful masterpiece when it is whole.

There are way worse things to be addicted to.  I’m simply very appreciative that I have these beautiful sheets of glass to work with.

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