Music Soothes

Down & out with a cold, it is so very nice to have a stereo again.  Music fills the air — without the disruptive voice of a human selling stuff or announcing speed-traps.

My body aches in too many places to name, my voice is a painful croak, & my brain a total fog — yup, I am miserable.   Dozing once in awhile, I am soothed when I awake & hear a favourite CD repeating – it cannot stop until I hit the button.  Ah, I control one tiny thing.

But hey, I also control who I listen to — which CD will repeat for a few hours this time.  I can go back to the 70s & hear the best music ever!  Or I can let the fingers of Claude Debussey take me away on the piano.

Or I could listen to Country — Reba’s my favourite.  I can let Sheryl Crow take me to her Tuesday Night Club or Julie Andrews take me to the mountains of Austria.

Whatever I listen to I get the same feeling — like visiting a comforting old friend.

Simply A Dawne Thought



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