How About Mental Health Week?

Fighting my own winter depression, I’m not sure if I want to celebrate or even recognize Mental Health Day Feb 9th.  Maybe those of us suffering need a whole week.

Yes, I need to get out in the fresh air.  Yes, I need to do something that makes me happy.  Yes, I need to do a lot of things.  What I want to do is hide away.

I don’t want to stare at this screen anymore — I want to curl up with a book & maybe have an afternoon nap.  But I know what would help my mental health — so I do it.

Many people have a mental illness & have no choice but to deal with it daily.  Many other people have mental health problems but don’t deal with it — they hide it or ignore it.  But it doesn’t go away.  Without help, it can get worse.

If you need a week, take it.  Talk to your doctor.  Visit websites like CMHA [Canadian Mental Health Association] or WebMD.  Discuss your feelings with your family & friends.  Get out & play.

We all have mental health issues at one time or another — you wouldn’t be human without some stress or depression or hard times . . .  But it is knowing when we’re a little skewed or listening to friends who know us, that can start us on the path to good mental health.

Simply A Dawne Thought