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There’s nothing like a shopping spree in a used book store!  And Russell Books in Victoria is terrific because you can also get new books for great discount prices.

My spree netted me 9 books — for me & my grand-daughter.  Most of them cost $7.99, $5.99, or even $2.99 for a couple of the kid ones.

The most expensive ones, at $15 each, were the two I wanted for work — an excellent price for used books in great condition that originally cost double that.  They weren’t at the stacked-to-the-brim store on Fort St. — it turns out they have a ‘specialty’ store just one block over on View St.

This store has an almost-hidden entrance where you go down some wonderful old brick stairs to get into the smaller, but still full to the ceiling, shop.  Exactly my kind of used bookstore.

A bookworm since I was 4-yrs-old, I’m extremely pleased my 1-yr-old grand-daughter loves books so much.  My visits with her always include reading a few of her favourites.  These books are colourful, interactive, & include a wide variety of animals — many use rhyming verse.

It is these physical qualities of a book that encourage young readers — Three Little Caterpillars [above] has furry strings intertwined through the first three pages when we are introduced to the cute guys, then the last page turns into a pop-up of flying butterflies.  I know my grand-daughter will love touching the ‘furry caterpillars’ & oooh when the page pops up.

Even in this wonderful age of online access to mega literature & portable eBooks, I feel the need for physical books.  I enjoy the visit to the stores — glancing through books whose titles or covers catch my eye.  It is not as confusing to find quality here as it is with a Google search result.

You cannot revere a book if you cannot feel the paper, or see the pages yellowing, or tape its broken spine — know it has its own history.  Online books are cold — simply type on a screen.

But online has the advantage of not taking up much physical space.  It’s not like I have room for new books.  I’m still trying to find room for those I already have.  I have lots — like really lots of books.

And books require proper storage to avoid damage — paper has a very limited life compared to digital data.  And producing & delivering books cost a lot more than digitizing them & distributing through the internet.

But reading a physical book does not hurt my eyes as much as reading on a bright screen.  [That’s why you’re reading white type on a black background.]

And many books were given as gifts — with a personal history attached now.  And some art books & university texts are big & very expensive — their detail & full-page illustrations cannot be experienced in front a much smaller screen.

I am certainly astounded by the amount of literature available at my fingertips on my computer & read a lot on the net.  But I still really love books.

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