One Step Forward, Two Back


My voice is back — almost.  Later in the day I was back to a bit of a croak.  And, though I thought I’d never say this, it felt good to be back at housework.

I celebrated by finishing the second coat of the copper metallic on the bathroom cabinet.  I had already finished the second black coat the evening before & was quite pleased with it’s satiny coverage.

This time I was quicker & used a larger brush so I could cover the vertical in two swipes.  Plus where the ‘old/new’ paint met was much cleaner.  It’s hard to believe how ugly it was before.

Of course, now I can’t wait to pick out the paint for the bathroom.  I’m almost afraid because I want copper — not orange, not red — copper, as in a new penny.  I realize house paint is not going to have that metallic sheen but with a semi-gloss it will have a bit.

This will be an experiment for me — dark walls scare me.  Next month.

In the meantime, I’ve a few other projects to finish off:

  • yeah, the kitchen is painted — just one small tile fix-it job left
  • x
  • almost finished pattern for my stained glass headboard — after it’s printed, I can start cutting glass
  • x
  • trim in bedroom & hallway to paint ivory — need paint
  • x
  • cull clothes, shoes & anything else I really don’t need — take to Salvation Army
  • x
  • get board & padding for fabric headboard

Wow, that’ll be more than enough to keep me going before painting the bathroom.

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