Reorg, Reorg, Reorg . . .

Lots of reorganizing & little jobs got done this weekend — but not too many big ones [you know — dishes, vacuuming, laundry — simply the basics of life 😉 ].  Still, it’s all in the details.

The bare light bulb of the hallway really bugged me.  Besides looking really ugly [yes, I tried hiding it with ceiling paint], it was also low enough that when I sat on my bed writing, its bright light speared me right in the eyes.  Very, very annoying.

Early on, I’d decided to match the two adjacent kitchen light fixtures — ribbed glass & white trim.  Usually about $14 each, Home Depot had a light sale last month — I ended up with a pack of two [2 !] for less than $11!  😀  Not that I needed two! 😉

Still, installing it wasn’t a priority with so many other projects on the go.  Then, in between rugby & football games this weekend, my room-mate just decided to put it up.  Bing, bang, boom — ten minutes later & I’ve got a lovely light in the hall NOT glaring in my eyes.

Now, it’s the perfect softness but still bright enough to look into the pantry, do laundry, or let the dogs in & out the door. 🙂

😎 My favourite part of the day was discovering my very first stained glass project — what I’ve called Dawn Over Lake.  It’s been years–literally–since I’ve seen it.  In all my storage boxes, in all the various places I had stuff stored, I . . 😦 could not find it!

I recently got the almost-last of my stuff from my son’s place & there, . . . . . 😛 tucked in with a half-done rug hooking project, was my little copperfoil suncatcher.

Nope, it’s definitely not perfect but for me, it is priceless.  I want to redesign it a bit & change the sunbeam colour scheme — then recreate it as a large window using lead came construction. 😮

Then, to round out the day, I reorganized the kitchen table & under the bathroom sink — with Dollar Store finds, of course.  Now, my glass is tucked in a little alcove — away from doggie feet.  The fireplace is on its own outlet & won’t flip the breaker when tools are used in the garage or clothes are drying.  😡

Two small fabric cubes — with zipper bottoms NOT fabric covered cardboard like the larger Martha Stewart cubes — are keeping mega bottles of shampoo, face or body lotion, sunscreen–as well as my curling iron–organized & off the ucky cabinet bottom.  The larger cube is holding jumbo rolls of toilet paper.

😎 Simply, little jobs that make a big difference.

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