What’s a Lurker?

From what I’ve been able to figure out, a lurker is someone who visits sites, reads them, then leaves without commenting.

Doesn’t that make all of us a lurker at one time or another?

I couldn’t possibly write a comment every time I read someone’s article or blog posting.  I spend too much time reading all these things as it is!

Besides, a lot of time my comment would be something quite unconstructive like, ‘good article’ or ‘I liked this’.  If you’re a struggling writer without many visitors [like me ;-)] then yes, these little comments are greatly appreciated — but if you already have a healthy readership, you already have lots of comments to moderate.

I read a lot — on a variety of topics.  Once in awhile, I will leave a comment.  But I want it to be valuable — not simply another pat on the back.

So, I’m sorry if what I’m doing is lurking [oooh, it sounds so secret agent like].  I think I am simply reading.

Simply A Dawne Thought