Antarctic Whaling to Stop

I read Earth Watch, by BBC environment correspondent Richard Black, with great relief today — Japan is pulling their whaling ships from the Antarctic.

Yeah, maybe this could lead to a permanent ban by Japan — one of the last countries in the world to continue to hunt whales.

It appears that between pressure from non-whaling countries, harassment from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, lower consumer sales, & financial difficulties, whaling is no longer profitable.

The Japanese whaling fleet managed to catch only 30 whales this season — much lower than their 200 goal — already lowered from their original seasonal goal of 900.

Global change, especially in the world of conservation, usually happens in baby steps.  Anti-whaling groups, long focused on Japan, seemed to have little effect, so I consider today’s announcement a giant step to preserving our beautiful planet.

Simply A Dawne Thought

** image [modified with X] is from Richard Black’s Earth Watch column for 16 Feb 2011

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