Zipping Along With Colour

With the frames ready for the entertainment centre, I could measure & cut the glass for the doors.  I simply love this soft blue with accent colours of dark blue & a little white!

I like the copper hinges we used this time — they’re thinner & more decorative than the square pewter ones on the closet doors.  And they’ll match the lion-head knobs I’ll pick up tomorrow — only Rona has them in copper while everywhere else is bronze.

The most important cut — to cut the large 2’x2′ piece for the 14″ height of the doors — went well.  And left me with a nice-sized piece to use in the bed panels.

The next cut didn’t go so well & I ended up with a slice at one corner — another piece for the bed panel.  Now left with just enough glass for the two doors, I could not make any more mistakes — eek.  😮

Working calmly & pressing harder at the start, the other cuts went better — just a little chip at one corner to use groziers on.  Both pieces slipped nicely into the grooved wood frame.

While I was cutting the glass, my room-mate decided to ‘whip together’ an idea I had for the microwave & all our pet food dishes.  It gelled from a DIY project I saw at Addicted 2 Decorating where Kristi transformed a small desk into a feeding station.

Lady Daisy May is a sloppy drinker — she leaves puddles all around the water dish!  😦  The dog dishes were beside the table — where the microwave had to sit because there’s not enough room for it on the counters.

So, whenever I used the microwave, I’d step in one of Miss Sloppy’s water puddles.  😦 😦  The small 1/2-moon mat I got from Home Hardware helped a lot — but I still had to step around the dishes when using the microwave.

But, with all this furniture-building experience, my room-mate has the cutting, clamping, & screwing down pat — bing, bang, boom, & he had this little baby built for me.

The bottom part fits the 5-gallon dog food & water dishes [the water one broke so a glass dish is there for now].  The little shelf is perfect for dog brushes, collars, etc. — I also put a spare set of pot holders there for the microwave.

The top places the microwave at the right height so Pardus can come in using his window with the fancy cat ladder.  I wasn’t originally thinking his food dish would fit there but it leaves the window free & keeps him off the table so . . .

Of course Pardus is not so sure of this — he prefers to eat well away from the dogs.  😐  But I’m quite pleased.  These custom units are really helping me organize this small place — as well as looking quite pretty.

Not usually a pine fan, I’m really liking the light colour of the wood furniture — it balances the heavier colours of the stove, stereo, bench, & desk.  Behind the pine, the blue of the walls is bright.

The light pine of the entertainment centre allows the focus to fall on the colours of the glass doors.  I’m even getting used to all those stupid screens!  😎

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