Nana Has It Good

My grand-daughter is a sweet 16 months old!

With 3 grandsons [12-14 yrs old] who live 1,000 km [over 600 miles] away, I haven’t seen much of my eldest son‘s children.  But my middle son lives in Victoria so I’ve been able to visit my newest grandchild since her birth.

And since I had 3 sons, it’s an added bonus that she’s a girl — I was deprived for 35 years. 😉

Of course, without the heavy burden of responsibility, it’s been so much more fun than being a parent.  I don’t live with her 24/7.  I don’t have to put her to sleep when she’s cranky.  I get to simply love her.

She & I do fun things together — like my favourite, reading.  Since her mom & I are both bookworms, I’m extremely glad that my grand-daughter loves to sit & read from her ever-growing library.

The amazing news –> ask & she will point out the letter ‘o’ — wherever she sees one.  And she knows the word ‘book’ has two of them.  Sometimes she’ll even say ‘oh’ — if she wants.

Little Miss is definitely not talkative.  Her wonderful mom taught her sign language from a very early age so we’ve been able to communicate for many months now.  My vocabulary with her includes –> milk, more, down, butterfly, book, ear, nose, & a few others. 😎

After reading 4 or 5 books & some colouring, we played in her room.  She loves the cool rocking horse I got her for Christmas — still too short for the stirrups but can rock it all by herself now.

It’s very cool to see my grand-daughter’s progress from a Nana viewpoint — she now confidently decides what our next activity will be & communicates her wishes calmly.

I helped her get Bunny, Monkey, & Teddy from her crib & she walked them up & down the hallway in her little girl’s baby stroller.  At one point, I went back to the living room & sat down.

A few minutes later, almost finished a turn-around, she gave me a backwards glance, pointed to me, & then her.  Oh, would you like me to go with you?  “Ya”, she chirps.  Off we went for more fun.

When you’re a parent, you are very concerned with the day-to-day survival of your children.  Every day, you care & work & clean & volunteer & chauffeur & . . .

As a grandparent, I’m so much more relaxed — aha, I’m an old hand at this. 😉  I know, in the grand scheme of things, it will all work out.

I get to enjoy watching my grand-daughter age — to help with her natural growth into a young lady.  I’m excited with the changes in her — something new almost every time I see her!  And I look forward to seeing many more.

Yeah, my bones ache a bit more these days.  Yeah, I’m a little more forgetful.  And yup, I am a little slower.  But hey, at 54, I am not too old to have a little play time.

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