Flash Eyes

I have taken mega photos of my favourite companions — dog Lady Daisy May & cat Pardus — with almost all of the face-on shots resulting in them having bright yellow eyes.  Kinda scary eyes.

Although iPhoto has a ‘fix flash eye’ feature, it doesn’t work on animal eyes.  I really don’t understand why not — how can it tell human from animal?  So, so frustrating.

Pardus has yellow eyes so it’s really not that different — but without a black pupil, he looks even meaner than usual.

With Lady it’s a different story.  She has beautiful, deep chocolate eyes which often look as black as her coat.  There is no bright yellow or green or red in her eyes — they are dark.

Dark & soulful — her eyes convey her mood.  Sometimes when we play I see the spark of joy.  When there’s food around, her eyes say she is starving.  If she hears a strange noise they are searching.

I’ve practiced a bit in Photoshop to fix these flashy eyes — but I can’t capture the doggy emotions or the catty superiority.

Simply A Dawne Thought