Music Has Home

For the first time in over two years, all my music — stereo, CDs, LP & 45 records — is in one place & with me.

The bottom cabinet in the entertainment centre has a pine insert to cover the VCR so my albums can sit on top.

I used to have a little carrying case for the 45s but somewhere along the way it fell apart — understandable considering it was about 40 yrs old.  I’ve used one of my baskets to hold them for now.

The lion handles are on & the entertainment centre finished.  Our DVDs have a shelf.  iTunes can be played on the laptop & the graphics blaze from all 3 screens.

I can pick up my country station on the radio, play CDs, or both kinds of records on the stereo.  Since it also has the ability to record my albums onto my Mac as MP3 files, I can’t wait to play with that!

So, another ‘little‘ project that morphed into something bigger & more beautiful than originally envisioned.

Simply A Dawne Thought