Woohoo — Second Snow of Season

Lady, the acrobat, tries to catch snowballs.

Shock.  I thought I was seeing things when I looked at the front window this morning.  It’s all white outside — everywhere.  I checked out the bedroom window — this time with my glasses on.

Yup, we got our second snow this winter.  The dogs [well, Mollie looks a little like a bear] love it.  I don’t mind — we’re at +3° C with little wind while Victoria is still getting snow & are colder at -2° C.

Well, we do live in Canada.  Sometimes living in our little Pacific paradise I forget that the rest of the northern hemisphere is experiencing real winter.

Of course, snow disrupts everything.  There are mega cars in the ditch — many people don’t know how to drive in these conditions, many roads are not plowed or sanded, & none of us have winter tires — almost everyone uses all-season to handle the slickness of rain.

The local schools are closed for the day.  The roads are quiet.  Kids are out in their yards making snowmen or tobogganing down hills.  Our dogs want to play outside all day.

Lady is hilarious.  Only her second snowfall — the first was in November — she does not know what this stuff is.  While Mollie is quite adept at lining herself up with the approaching snowball to catch it in her mouth, Lady often jumps too soon or overshoots the clump of white.

She did catch it once — unexpectantly getting a mouth- & faceful.  Hmmm, this might not be such a fun game after all. I thought it was quite funny. 😀

Lady jumps around like a deer even more than usual in the snow.  Every once in awhile, she’ll stuff her nose through it to find out what’s below.  Is there still grass underneath?

The snow falls off Lady’s slick Lab coat while little clumps form on Mollie’s fur.  After an hour or so of play, halfway up her legs & all around her face are totally white from the icy collection.

The Husky in her is in heaven.  She easily catches the snow & loves getting her face covered.  Sometimes Mollie rolls in it like she’s trying to make a snow angel.

I’m sure they’d like this snow to last for quite awhile.  Not me — one or two days is fine, thank-you very much.

The forecast says another day of snow tomorrow, then sun for Friday & Saturday.  I’m thinking that’ll surely melt the snow.  But then Sunday says snow/rain mixed — we could end up with either.

Maybe Lady Daisy May will learn to catch a snowball before it’s all gone for the year.

Here Kid, let me show you how it’s done.

Simply A Dawne Thought

** photos thanks to Mollie’s caretaker, Mark Bryant


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