Another Snow Day Oh My

It’s hard to believe that we’ve had snow on the ground for four days now.  This is paradise – it’s supposed to be above 0° & maybe dropping some raindrops — but definitely not flakes of snow.

The forecast says snow & rain for the next couple days.  Hopefully, at 4° or 5° C, it’ll be mostly rain — then the snow will melt away.


Feeling cabin fever after this short a time makes me a major woosy Canadian.  All three of my sons work in northern B.C. or northern Alberta where it’s been in the -20s & -30s for 4, 5, 6, . . . weeks.  Of course they have lots of snow — for weeks, if not months, at a time.

Most of the rest of my family live in Calgary or Strathmore, in southern Alberta where they’ve had some pretty cold temperatures in the -10s, -20s, & colder too.

They are lucky in that every once in awhile, our warm Pacific wind makes it over the mountains & visits the Calgary area for a day, or two, or three, . . .  Otherwise, it’s cold for pretty well five, even six [yes 6!], months of the year — check out my snowy visit May 2010.

So, me sitting on the Isle, with a few days of snow & a little right-around-freezing temperatures, is not really considered too bad to those who are actually experiencing real winter.

Lady is quite enthralled with this new stuff.  This transplanted Calgarian?  Sorry, but I’d still like my rain back — please?

Simply A Dawne Thought


One comment

  1. That’s real bad for you as I’m in Calgary and we had a few days ago -34 with the wind chill. But now a new chinook has come and we were -3 yesterday and hopefully it stays. But what has been going on in Calgary and area is it’s nice on Monday with a chinook and then the cold snap comes back on Thursday for the weekend. To us it could stop ANYTIME now.
    I hate rain, so I just want it to be nice!

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