Grab A Dance

😎 I think my most favourite activity is to dance — to any great music with a beat. 😎

Of course, as far as I’m concerned that’s good ole rock ‘n roll from the 70s — but there’s lots of other great music.  There’s always country or bluegrass, but plenty of new stuff has cool beats — even if I can’t hear all the words.  😉

It doesn’t matter — whenever I feel [not only hear] a great song, my body automatically follows the beat — the toes twitch; the shoulders move one way, the head the other.

Maybe the back will arch & the waist twist a bit.  Maybe I know the words & sing along.  I can sit & type & bee-bop along with half my body — kinda my own River Dance style.  🙂

If a really great song comes along [& I have the energy], my legs jump & I’m up swinging — to the beat.  Silly moves — crazy, totally-uncool dance moves.

[Wishing for audio files on WordPress for the millionth time — think “Gimme Dat Ding” by The Pipkins from 1970.  :-P]

Maybe I let my long hair fly back & twirl in a big circle.  Maybe I snap my fingers to the beat & let the hair down.  Maybe the head is really bopping & the hair flies in my face while I move every limb every which way it can manage.

I have been known to spend most of the evening out on the dance floor — with only a few short breaks.  Although, jumping to a good ole polka, near the end of a few hours of mega-sweat-producing movement, & I’ll say enough.

Nowadays, I pretty well dance alone in my kitchen & living room — but Lady likes to stand, hold my hands, & take a few steps.  [She likes the slow ones better.  😉 ]  Still, who really needs a partner when the music grabs your body?

Music makes me happy.  In singing I express joy in the song.  Dancing lets me express that joy physically.

Now, if Lady would simply try a little twirl . . .

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