Big Project Startup

Previous projects for storage, like my Elegant Closet & Entertainment Centre, started out as small, simple shelf units then morphed into their full multi-section glory.

This time I’m starting out with plans for a big — really big — project.  A plan-every-square-inch-of-the-wall project.

I need shelves for books.  And the large windows in the living room should be covered with something decorative — it’s not needed for privacy but totally bare windows look, well, . . . bare.

Since it gets the morning sun, I’d like to do a kind of stained glass shutter over the window.  They will roll away from the window along the wall to meet corner bookcases at each end.

The first one is up [without glass doors yet] & I’m really glad I asked for it to be 7′ because it almost reaches the ceiling.  The height brings your eye higher up the wall.

Amazingly, the whole room looks bigger.  Now, I’m excited to start the window design.  Then I can pick out glass for the whole wall project.

Now, what colours?

Simply A Dawne Thought


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