Oh Those Blues — What Do You Think?

Photoshop rendering of bookcase doors & window shutters in shades of blue glass.

Do you prefer the blues? or . . .

Do you prefer the multi-coloured?

[Please leave a comment :-D]

Since stained glass looks best with light shining through it, I want to attach a simple strip of glass to the top of each bookcase & put a light behind it.

When I was adding the lights to the Ps design, I changed the colours so they were all shades of blue — I kinda like it.  😎

While the gold-coloured glass does pick up one of my accent colours, the different-coloured pieces of the window seem to have no relation to each other.

With all blue glass, the pine colour of the frame & bookcase stays in the background.  The glass has a cohesive look with the blue walls & the blue doors of the entertainment centre on the perpendicular wall.

I did try red in a couple spots but the only sample I have is very, very bright — not anything like what I’d want.  I could also try yellow but again, . . . like the gold, it would pull out the accent colour of the pine/ivory more.

Your opinion would be greatly appreciated — please leave a comment.  Do you prefer the all-blue glass or the multi-coloured glass?

The only fabric I have to worry about is on the pine-framed desk chair.  The two Value-Village chair finds are beige.  When we make the sofa, I’ll match the fabric with the blue walls & pick-up red, ivory, & maybe yellow accent colours in its design.

First, attaching a little shelf onto my room-mate’s desk to put his PC’s CPU on — it’s too big for the new corner bookshelf.  Ha ha, that’s why I stick with my Mac.

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