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I’ve been searching home stores, magazines, internet design sites — wracking my brain for some idea to cheaply cover the ugly carpets in this rental.

Key words:  cheap and  rental — it has to be portable.  I cannot ask the landlord to upgrade — his plans are to raze this old mobile in a couple years!

An idea from BILLblog. . .  no holds BARRed! grabbed my attention.  He designed a 10’x10′ dining room rug using painted floor cloths [I think the painters’ kind?].  Now that’s gotta be cheaper than buying a pre-made one.

But will it work over wall-to-wall & with two large dogs running around?  I’m thinking maybe — if I use carpet tape to keep it in place.

Looking at large rugs [around 8’x10′] in the stores, I’ve found they start at $300 & go up from there.  For the living room [about 20’x11′] & the bedroom [about 10’x11′], I’d probably need three — no way I can afford that kind of $$$.

I thought I’d found an excellent choice in this month’s Style at Home’s new collection with Korhani for pretty good prices –> 8’x11′ for $190, $160 for 7’x10′, & $120 for 5’x8′.  I thought this one would be perfect [even the blue walls are similar to mine]:

Isn’t it puurdy?  I checked the Korhani website but found the only colours available for the Dalila are taupe or ivory — hmmm, I wish they had more information on their site.

No, I think Bill Barr has a great idea — I’m going to take this little seed & see what I can come up with.  A few floor cloths, a simple graphic stencil, a little practice, . . .

Now, if I could just get Mollie to stop shedding — or maybe her owner could brush her regularly?  [hint, hint]  [Ha ha, I’m lucky — Lady has a sleek coat & doesn’t have much fur!]

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