No Curtains Needed

One of my greatest pleasures of living in the country is that curtains are not needed for privacy.  I can undress in my bedroom with no worries of anyone seeing in the bare window.

The huge living room windows, facing the water-side of the property, let in glorious light that floods the whole place.  From the first day I got Lady, she has always slept with me on my bed — now I sometimes find her snoozing out there in the chair, soaking up the early morning sun.

The only reason to cover them would be to hide the ugly brown frames — if this was my place I’d paint them ivory.  Otherwise, I don’t need to hide the workshop — the roof will be fixed this summer & I want to practice trompe l’oeil on the wall facing us.

Filtering bright sunlight is another reason for covering the windows.  The brightness does make it hard to see computer monitors & tv screens — thus my ‘Wall of Glass‘ solution for the smaller living room window.  Not sure if I’ll soften it with a valance or something, . . . later.

The kitchen window doesn’t need curtains for privacy or light-control.  It looks out onto the porch — covered in plastic windows.  Not much bright sunlight gets through.  It does need me to at least prime the edging until I get another can of ivory.

Besides, that window is Pardus’s cat ladder entrance & he doesn’t really like fancy-smansy decorating.  Maybe a little valance to soften the hardness of all this glass but, . . . later.  And the small bathroom window is no worries — it has privacy glass [like white stained glass] already installed.  I’d prefer to be able to see out when it’s not open but again, . . . later, . . . maybe.

The only window I have put curtains on is my bedroom — there was a bit of traffic the first month while they finished cutting off the previously-shared driveway.  I borrowed the cafe-style beige curtains from the RV.  They were only a few months old & fit the window perfectly.

But now I really don’t need them.  I actually find them a bit annoying & usually have them like this — instead of blocking my view of the water, they block the tarp-covered workshop.  So, maybe I’ll return the lower ones to the RV, with its shorter windows, & keep the valance.  Hmmm, there’s another valance like this one in the RV — it would fit the kitchen window.

Nope, I don’t need curtains.  Yes, they’d soften the hard lines of the windows but they’d block the view.  If I’m here long enough, I’ll work on glass shutters for some of the windows but I’m more itching to make a couple windows to replace plastic in the porch.

Let the sun shine in.

Simply A Dawne Thought


    • No problem, Maya, & thanks for your comment. Yes, I don’t want to cover the beauty of the ocean. I’m excited to finish my glass shutters to see if I even need a valance or maybe sheers at the side of the large windows. I hope to showcase them on by the end of March.

      Love your site & check out the RSS every time there’s a new post.

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